Happy 150th Birthday Peterson-Dumesnil House!

What started as the original summer home of a tobacco merchant from Philadelphia now plays a vital role as a gathering place within the Crescent Hill and greater Louisville community. In 1869, Joseph Peterson (1812-1889) built what we now know as the Peterson-Dumesnil House.

In 1975 the house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and in 1976 the Crescent Hill Community Council (CHCC) along with members of the Louisville Historical Society helped to get the house designated as a local landmark by the Metro Landmarks Commission.

By 1984, the newly formed Peterson-Dumesnil House Foundation (PDHF) joined forces with the CHCC to raise $155,000 to buy the house from the Jefferson County Board of Education. The PDHF began the long process, on a shoestring budget, of restoring the house to become the community asset that it is today.

Peterson-Dumesnil House annually hosts dozens of weddings, celebrations of life, community group and business meetings and serves as a home to several non-profit organizations. This historic treasure is a hub of life affirming and community building activities. Please help us preserve and maintain this irreplaceable community asset by supporting our PDH150 Campaign. We are in the process of raising more than $300,000 for vital maintenance and improvement projects to ensure Peterson-Dumesnil House continues to thrive.

For more information about how you can help, contact:

Logan McCulloch, PDH 150 Campaign Manager



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